Locally Targeted Video Advertising for Small to Medium Businesses

Local Targeted Video Advertising is the fastest way to get your message in front of thousands of local customers who want to know more about you, your business, products or services.

Local Targeted Video Advertising is also a very low cost way to advertise your business compared to more expensive and less effective traditional ways of local newspaper, radio, TV advertising.

You can experience the benefits of Local Targeted Video Advertising first hand with the help of PathLight Digital Marketing. Our Advertising Network allows your local business to reach your customers in your local area with a powerful local video advertising message that is sure to help separate you from your competition.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, auto dealer, lawyer, retailer, real estate agent or the head of any organization you can take advantage of the power of the internet and local targeted video advertising in ways you’ve never thought possible. We make your local targeted video ad stand out, so your business can be found more quickly and easily online.

PathLight Digital Marketing works with several local video advertising networks that reaches millions of unique visitors every month.

With PathLight Digital Marketing’s local targeted video advertising, not only can your business measure results with real-time tracking, but you can also watch as the following performance metrics grow: Store Visitors, Website Visitors, Increase Phone Calls, Leads, and Sales.

Don’t think for a second, that your business is too small to take advantage of the power of local targeted video advertising.

PathLight Digital Marketing makes it easy for local businesses of any size to create and launch a local campaign on the local video ad networks by targeting those who matter most, your neighbors, friends, and potential customers in your community. This is what will definitely separate you from your competition.

Here are a few simple steps to get started with a local targeted video advertising ad campaign:

We Can Create Your Video Commercial – If you don’t already have a video ad, we will work with you to create your own professional local video, specific to your business.

Develop a Media Plan – Your local PathLight Digital Marketing Representative will help design a local targeted video advertising media plan that works for you. Our plans allow you to spend as much or as little as you want every month.

Why Local Video Advertising Works

If you still haven’t decided whether or not to try local video advertising to reach your customers here are some reasons you should consider.

Local Video Ads are better than TV Commercials.

The problem with advertising on TV is less people are watching and a growing number of viewers use DVRs to skip local ads. That’s why more companies are using video ads to ensure that their local customers are actually watching their ads.

You Can Target Local Customers.

Unlike posting your ad in the newspaper or on the radio or TV and hoping that someone who might be interested sees or hears it, our network specifically places your ad in front of videos or on sites that are related to your local customer’s geographic and demographic interests.

Customers pay more attention to local video ads.

When a viewer clicks a video they want to see, they are already focused on watching what is in front of them. That’s why local video ads are more watched than other types- because customers are already planning to spend time paying attention to a video.

Local video advertising has a much higher click through.

Customers enjoy interacting with video ads that catch their eye, and video ads are more successful than other types of ads at doing this.

Local video ads appeal to a younger generation

Teens and young adults are used to turning to online sources for information about products and services and to find out more about things they will be buying. Using content relative local video ads to their interests shows them that you are a consumer conscious company that understands who they are and what products and services they are interested in.

Place a video ad on local video advertising networks.

Our video advertising network takes a lot of the unknowns out of your advertising.  We can place your ad where it will be seen by the customers you are trying to reach.

What Are Locally Targeted Video Ads?

As you know by your own behaviors, more of us are moving away from the traditional media sources of Newspaper, Radio and TV to online sources for our News, Sports, Entertainment and Information. 

Every noticed while you were viewing a video on your favorite online news, sports, entertainment or informational website, a short 15 or 30 sec commercial came up?

If so, you’ve probably noticed that most of them are national companies like Ford Motors, Best Buy, Pizza Hut, etc.

Historically this type of advertising has been reserved for these larger companies with unlimited advertising budgets. However this is no longer the case. Now PathLight Digital Marketing gives small to medium businesses an opportunity to experience the benefits of Locally Targeted Video Advertising firsthand!

We make Your Video Advertising Simple!

We focus on targeting your local customers by reaching them online wherever they are online. We match your video ad to the right audience, on the right websites and screens. We can target and reach them on local desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

You are in control.

You tell us where, when and to whom you want us to show your online video ad based on the geographic or demographic, interests and behaviors of your local customers.

Effective and Affordable.

You will find our local targeted video ad campaigns are both extremely effective and highly affordable.  In today’s ever changing advertising landscape, you can’t afford not to look at online video advertising.